Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 in 2012: Week 8

What have we gotten rid of so far in 2012?

It's not spring yet. Please don't hassle me with spring cleaning. When it gets warm enough that I can open my windows for longer than fifteen minutes - then please, please nag me about the spring cleaning. It has been a very slow two weeks in terms of getting rid of things. I've had other priorities, like staying on top of work instead of falling behind (it worked well too). Since I don't want an obsession with getting rid of things to control me, I've let it slide. I want to relax when I'm taking a shower, okay? Not think about the next thing to toss. 

Moving on:

3 broken toys (trash)
10 random expired 'long shelf life' foods (trash, I should never buy more than I need)

Total = 88 of 2012
as of February 25th

Selling YTD: made $50

Image: Amy Burton


  1. I disagree, sometimes its good to have food that can last long incase of emergency but the again, keep track of what u have =)

    1. I've thought about that, we really don't have much room for it. I still have some long shelf life foods - I'm just saying I threw out the expired ones. What I need to do is keep track of it so at least it is eaten before it expires. I don't use a lot of canned stuff though because of all the chemicals in the interior lining. Especially for kids or when I'm breastfeeding, baby sure doesn't need those hormone disrupting chemicals :) In an emergency of course I wouldn't care so much, we would just need food!

  2. I always think how much chemicals i can avoid until there would be time where you won't have a choice =)

  3. You're inspiring. I'm slowly trying to rid our house of excess toys and clutter too. It's very slow going though. I wouldn't be able to do 2012 items, I don't think, but I'm doing what I can. :)

    1. I don't feel very inspiring, but thank you! You saying that makes me want to get to those 2012 items even more! ;) Sometimes I think it will never happen, but at least I can try!


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