Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decluttering with Eco-Babyz: 2012 in 2012

Do you need some encouragement for decluttering your home? I know I do. I know I need some accountability as well. That's where we can help each other. This isn't a 'resolution' and I am not going to get upset if this project falls by the wayside further into the year. I'm not going to punish you either. But here it is...

Too much....

Who's with me? Stuff sitting unused in closets for more than a year, clothing I haven't worn since having my first baby three years ago (despite the fact it still fits, it's just not mom material). Husband's tools in places they shouldn't be. Books I know I will not read again. Things behind the couch. The 'incoming mail' box stuffed full. That corner. You get the point.

Will you join me in getting rid of 2012 unneeded things in 2012?

I'll be posting my count every couple of weeks, and occasionally before and after photos of my messes. You can post what you got rid of in the comments as well. Keep in mind you don't have to throw it all out, consider selling (craigslist), donating, and freecycling. Just make sure to keep count, it is encouraging the closer you get to 2012 items! I'll be keeping count of the money I make selling the stuff too.

I'll start today with this:

1 huge, old carpet pad (trash)
1 wilted bouquet of roses from baby T's birth (I'm serious, trash)
1 broken toy (trash)
1 prenatal support belt (sold, $25)
1 old desk (sold, $25)

Total = 5 of 2012
made $50

Image: Amy Burton


  1. 2012 is very ambitious, but you could do it! I began decluttering my clothing by doing a clothes swap with a friend.

  2. My husband and I are constantly getting rid of things that we don't need or don't love. Constantly. We live in a small house and we both like things to be neat and organized. I think our worst area is our closet- we have so much clothing! We live in the mountains and really do need a wide range of clothing. And because we have everything from nice clothes to clothes for wood cutting...we have a lot more. One of my to dos for 2012 is to downsize our closet! Yikes!

  3. I need help decluttering too!

  4. Wow $50 already that is great! I'm crazy for de-clutering. I never let anything sit around for too long at all. My husband fights me because I'm always trying to get rid of something and now I'm having the hardest time putting baby things away for use w/ next baby one day rather than just selling it...

  5. We desperately need to empty out the back room for the soon-to-be baby! The task is daunting...

  6. I need to do this. I have some many things and things I have been meaning to sell, but of course they just sit around collecting dust. I think this motivated me a little and I will post some stuff today.javascript:void(0)


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