Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scents from Nature: Seventh Generation

My favorite scent ever is that of wild strawberries. It makes me incredibly nostalgic just thinking of it since the scent brings me back to my childhood summers spent in the Ural mountains of Russia visiting my grandparents. We would walk through the forest near our vegetable garden and pick wild blueberries and strawberries. The taste and smell can't be compared to anything you can find at a store today. What would I do to be in that forest again and to hold a handful of aromatic real wild strawberries! 

Another favorite? The smell of freshly cut grass - just not the type you mow with a lawnmower, mixed with the stench of gasoline. I'm talking about the real thing, the tall August grasses that my grandfather would cut with a sickle and then dry it and store as hay for the cow. I loved rolling around in it and helping make the haystacks. I was about six years old back then. I would love for my kids to experience something so simply beautiful and to smell that incredible scent. 

Now to get you drooling, my current favorite scent, that I do not have to travel to a different country to experience, is the aroma of an apple pie when I get around to baking one. The face on my husband's face when he comes home to one is priceless. It's the best way to mask that 'old house' smell at our place and a perfect fall pick-me-up that reminds us of the start of winter and the coming of snowy evenings by our [fake] fireplace. The best part of course if that I have a toddler to help me make the biggest mess of the kitchen. No apple pie without that!

When it comes to cleaning products, the artificial scents most often make me want to gag. My biggest pet peeve are the scents in laundry detergent, I just can't be around people who wear clothing heavily scented with their detergent! After switching to naturally scented or unscented products myself, I can no longer tolerate anything artificial, especially when pregnant (like now, baby was due yesterday). I do enjoy light essential oil scents in my cleaning products, whether it is lavender, citrus, or tea tree - I don't mind smelling the natural scent, it's the artificial ones that I can't stand. I love the natural, light essential oil scents in Seventh Generation products.

Seventh Generation is hosting some really neat sweepstakes right now, you can win a trip for two to France, Italy, or Vermont and see exactly where they get the scents for their cleaning products. Me? I wouldn't mind going to Vermont since it is a short drive, that would make a great getaway with my husband! 

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  1. I can't stand the laundry detergent scents either! We use a unscented detergent and no fabric softener so I am not used to it at all. One of the little boys I watch comes with clothes and blankets that smell so strongly of downy that it makes me want to gag!


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