Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eco Home: YOLO Colorhouse Paint Review & Renovation Photo!

Could this be true? I must be dreaming! Is our attic renovation really coming together? Slooowwlllllyyy... This project was supposed to be done back in July! Our baby is due in a couple short weeks, I am so relieved to see the light at the end of the tunnel (really hoping that's not a train). I'm really thankful to have the support of some awesome companies in completing this project as it has almost put us over the edge financially. I remember first discovering YOLO Colorhouse zero VOC paint when attending Greenbuild in Boston in 2008 as an Interior Design professional. I was smitten by their earthy palettes of no-stink paint. Over the years their name stuck in my head. 

Fast forward to 2011, we're excited to finally have tried their indie non-toxic paint in our own home. We were sent two gallons of the Grain .03 interior paint for our attic. We use zero VOC paint throughout our house because of concerns for indoor air pollution. Plus, I always loathed the smell of paint - especially when pregnant. This was even more important in our attic that has no windows! Very soon it will be occupied by our rambunctious baby E and the surprise-gender newborn, I don't want them breathing any nasty asthma and cancer causing stuff.  

On to the good stuff... My husband painted the entire attic with the YOLO paint and absolutely loved it. He noted it has great coverage, it isn't drippy, it's very easy to work with. Here is a glimpse of the ready-to-be-accessorized attic (sorry, not nearly a good quality photo with my cheap camera):

A visit to their site is a must! It is so inspirational - even if you have no clue where to start with your drab-room-needs-a-new-coat-asap. Here are a couple great images of YOLO Colorhouse paint in application:

There is so much to tell about YOLO Colorhouse paint and the company, I can't possibly cover it all. First, I love that they are small - but very professional. I absolutely love their palette because frankly I don't want 1,500 colors to choose from and give me a headache. With three palettes and a total of 92 intentional colors that work beautifully together - you have a much easier time picking exactly what you need (and what will not land you on the Worst in Interior Design page of Architectural Digest). The best part, the paint contains NO carcinogens, reproductive toxins, mutagens, hazardous air pollutants, ozone depleting compounds, formaldehyde, phthalates, VOCs, and no BAD COLORS! So regular paint has all these things? You bet! At about $36 a gallon, you certainly get what you pay for - and this is a very reasonable, competitive price for zero VOC paint. 

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Complete Before and After pics of our attic are coming soon! Give us a couple of weeks :)

Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.

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  1. Looks very nice, and I didn't even think to do something along these lines. We're planning on pulling the wall-to-wall carpet from my son's play room. This is a great idea... thank you!


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