Friday, October 28, 2011

Complete Skin Care Daily Prize Giveaways {sponsored post}

How would you like to save money on skin care brands that you buy regularly? How about saving money on products that rank low in toxicity on the EWG Skin Deep Database (now I have your attention)? You may want to check out Complete Skin Care that offers top brands at discount prices and free shipping on all orders over $50 to top it off. 

There is still time left to enter the Complete Skin Care contest on Facebook for a daily prize giveaway through November 30th. You can also shop directly on their Facebook page and get the latest scoop on great deals, discount codes, and product updates. 

Now I know some of you Eco mamas may be thinking "Do they sell any natural or less toxic products?" To answer that question, here are some of our favorite finds and their EWG rating at Complete Skin Care (I did all the work for you!):
I'm sure you would find more if you look around and the prices offer nice discounts up to 40% off the dermatologist prices. 

Like them on Facebook and Enter the Contest

Disclaimer: I received payment for this post, I have bills too. I decided to share this information with you because I genuinely thought it may be of value to my awesome readers!

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