Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nature Shop Review

I have a weakness for all things wool. I like to wear it, I love it under my feet, I think it rocks on a baby's bum over a cloth diaper. Recently I was contacted by Nature Shop to review some of their great products, their online store was a pleasant discovery! Women's, men's, kids, and baby's wool clothing great for layering in the winter. Sheepskin slippers and boots at reasonable prices. Sheepskin rugs, mattress underlays, and wool comforters... Love this!

I asked to review the Kimono Bodytop and Thermal Leggings for baby E (2.5 year old). These are made of organic merino wool and are amazingly soft! Not at all itchy and my toddler didn't want to take it off once I put it on her even though it is July. As I am writing this it is actually 97 degrees Fahrenheit outside, but I can't wait until the weather cools and these leggings will be perfect on her for fall with skirts, dresses, and tunics. Still can't believe this is my girl's first pair of leggings, huh? How does a girl live without them? I would really love these in my size and guess what? They have women's merino leggings! Though a bit out of my price range for $60. If they were half that I would buy some for winter, I'm always freezing.

It is rare I come across a website where I want nearly everything. Wool socks, slippers, base layers, comforters... Ah... A [chronically cold] girl can dream.

I was also sent a pair of Gizeh Birkenstocks in white. They are actually turned out to be a tad big on me and look way too bulky on my skinny legs, but they fit perfect on my mom! She loves how comfy they are. I have to admit they are one of the most comfortable pairs of sandals I've tried on.

I know I'll be coming back to Nature Shop for some Emu toddler sheepskin boots, the price of $29-39 including shipping is hard to beat! Oh, and they are great to shop with because they have a carbon neutral policy, free shipping, free return shipping, and free gift wrapping. Satisfaction guarantee? Check! A 365 day return and exchange policy! Sweet! Why shop anywhere else?

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