Friday, March 25, 2011

Victoria Design Studio Bamboo Sheet Set Review & Discount

I think investing in feeding your family good quality, healthy food without chemicals is the most important step in green living. But if you can afford other things like healthier bedding, by all means go for it. I recently had the opportunity to review a Bamboo Sheet Set from Victoria Design Studio and this was my first experience with pesticide untreated, hypoallergenic bedding.

Fit & Design: I washed the ecru color bamboo bedding before putting it on our bed. When I was taking it out of the washer and putting it in the dryer, I was really surprised at the paper like feel. I wasn't sure what to expect of them when they dried. I eagerly opened the dryer and saw that the dry sheets were luxuriously soft! As my husband and I were putting them on our bed, he mentioned how silky the sheets feel. I would say that they look like tightly woven cotton, but feel more like silk. I love sleeping on these silky soft sheets!

Perhaps the only thing that put me off about the product is the packaging (nothing to do with Victoria Design Studio). I expected Eco-friendly bedding to have something more sustainable than a stinky vinyl bag for packaging. At least the smell is gone after I washed them, but when I opened it I though I was going to faint.

Quality & Value: I have only slept on these for a few nights, so I can't say how they perform long term, wash after wash. But it appears to be a good quality set of sheets, even thought the thread count is only 250, perhaps because this is not the typical cotton set. The bedding set retails at $131, of course pricier than many sheet sets you'll find. Don't you just wish that things would cost less when there is less chemicals or pesticides on them? I'll say though - if you can afford them, they're worth the price for a healthier night's sleep. Plus because you're reading my review you can get $23 off your bamboo bedding purchase by using the code EB$23 ! Also, all the items on the site except the jewelry are currently 12% off.

How is this green: Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource that doesn't require pesticides to manage the growth. It is also naturally anti-bacterial, which is obviously a great quality for bedding that we use 24/7.

About the Store: Victoria Design Studio is once again a product of a woman's own experience. Victoria's journey to living healthy is very interesting and very much like many women and mothers I meet. That makes her passion that much more genuine and it makes it a pleasure to shop the carefully chosen items in her store.

Who Would You Recommend this to? The bamboo bedding is great for those suffering from allergies or if you simply want another way to minimize exposure to toxins in your home. And, uhm, if you have a hard working husband like mine, the antibacterial bit is a huge plus too!

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Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.


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