Wednesday, September 15, 2010

American Flatbread Review

We enjoy eating healthy in our house. Sometimes though, I just want some pizza! Who says pizza has to be junk food? Most times I will make it from scratch if I have too much time on my hands. Our favorite combination is Avocado Bacon pizza. Not that I'm calling bacon healthy, but it is for me since I'm trying to gain weight. Other times we're in a hurry and the next best thing to my pizza is some American Flatbread Pizza. We tried some Sundried Tomato and Mushroom and absolutely loved it! Natural, wholesome ingredients, a perfect crust, built-in convenience. What more could you want? American Flatbread restaurants also serve up wholesome meals in Virginia, Oregon, and Vermont. I thought of driving 4 hours to Vermont just to take in the experience, but we'll have to save it for when we're in the area.

There is also the wonderful and scrumptious (I'm sure) Rustic Crust pizza. But unfortunately I couldn't find any at our local stores and my coupon is feeling lonely in my purse. :( They have the perfect Ready-Made Crust so that you can make your own pizza at home in no time! Plus they offer a gluten free Napoli Herb pizza. They offer both organic and non-organic pizzas

I did not receive payment in any form for this review.
I did receive a coupon to sample the product for testing and review purposes. This will in no way sway my opinion of the product or service. The review is in my own words and is my own opinion. Your results and opinion may differ.


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