Monday, May 24, 2010

Eco-Babyz Boutique Grand Opening!

Good morning, it's Monday! Now to make your day brighter and distract you from the fact the weekend flew by we want to share some news. The Eco-Babyz Boutique is now live! What exactly is it? It contains all the items that have been tested and loved by our family, both those we have bought and the ones that are sent in for reviews and giveaways. We always pick out the best and invest our time so you don't have to. Now there is one place where everything is easily accessible and easy to purchase through Amazon (we make a teeny weeny tiny commission if you make a purchase so that we can pay our bills). You can always stop by, the link is in our navigation bar. It is not a final product and will always evolve. You'll find everything from baby gear to toys, food, cloth diapers, skin care products, and household goods. Here are the categories, feel free to browse around and leave us any tips in the comments on this post!


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