Monday, March 8, 2010

Beckons Organic Grace Hemp Dress Review

When I was younger I used to buy clothing the way some people buy food. It would be like weekly shopping! Thankfully I came to my senses once I got married and started working full time. Then of course I realized that I was just a victim of the 'buy buy buy' culture. I'll admit it is very liberating to stop buying. I don't go clothes shopping anymore unless there is something I need. With that in mind, my wardrobe consists mostly of all of my pre-baby clothing that just does not fit exactly the same way anymore. 

I discovered Beckons Organic online and was impressed by the company and the style of their clothing. I came across many Eco-friendly clothing companies but found that their dresses were not very figure flattering. They would look hideous on me, not to mention that my husband would not let me wear a potato sack like dress. Not so with the Grace Hemp Dress! Thanks to Beckons I got to try this one for myself. I think it is even better in person than it looks on the model! The first thing I noticed was that the material and workmanship are top notch. A designer dress, perfect. 

FIT: Well, the dress is perfect, but of course I am not. It fits perfectly from the chest down, but the shoulder straps are just a tad long for me because I have a short torso. An easy fix of course. Should not be an issue if you are over 5'2". Flattering is really the right word to describe it. It is the kind of dress that I think will look good on any body shape. With this perfect fit, the dress looks great dressed up with heels and exquisite jewelry or dressed down with flip flops and a beach tote. It is so versatile. You might think that buying clothing online is a hassle. Not with Beckons, they have a great returns policy. Plus if you are buying a hemp dress you are essentially getting two sizes in one because if it is a little big when it arrives you can throw it in the dryer after washing and it will shrink a little. If it fits you as is you can line dry it.

QUALITY: As I mentioned, the fabric is superb. I love the combination of sustainable hemp and organic cotton. A touch of lycra gives it a bit of stretch for a truly customized fit. It is so soft too, I'm afraid I will not want to wear anything else once the warm weather hits! I also noticed that the stitching is very neatly done, certainly not something that will fall apart in the wash.

VALUE: As with many things I review, with Beckons you get what you pay for. It is hard to find any clothing manufactured in the United States, let alone have it made from organic fibers. This dress is $89. They also have a sun dress for $69. The tops are in the range of $37 to $51. Not a made in China bargain, but that is probably not what you are looking for anyway. This is very well made, high quality clothing that will serve you well for a long time.

COMPANY: Beckons Organic is a company you can feel good about supporting. They have a great line of sporty clothing for active lifestyles. I am not a yoga fan, but if you are they certainly have you covered. Many of the styles are also great for pregnant and postpartum figures as you transition into motherhood. They do carry some men's yoga pants and shorts as well. They only use certified organic fibers in their clothing and mostly everything is manufactured domestically in San Diego. 


  1. It's nice to know that even the fashion industry is now more concern with our environment and using materials that are eco-friendly! I think they are very responsible!

  2. красиво очень...
    только можно мне сфоткать в след.раз вас....?


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