Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rich Frog Classic Puppy Pull Toy Review

As you may already know, I am a huge fan of simple classic and wooden toys. This little puppy caught my eye because of the simple design and the wooden wheels. Plus, it is just so cute!

My almost-one-year-old daughter's reaction to the Rich Frog Classic Puppy Pull Toy was a little bit of everything. You could tell she was fascinated, but she does not yet understand the concept of pulling the toy. She walks holding on to one of my hands, so she took the string of the puppy in the other hand and instead of pulling it on the floor she extends her arm and walks with it dangling on a string. Despite the fact she isn't using it as designed she absolutely loves carrying it that way! With a big grin on her face :) Sort of like the irresistible puppy smile! She refers to the puppy as "Av", the Russian equivalent of "Woof".

This is a very nice quality toy. The puppy itself is very soft and huggable. From the photo I actually imagined it to have a harder body underneath the plush, so I was pleasantly surprised by the plush softness on the inside as well. I love the puppy's little face, almost as cute as my daughter! The little wooden wheels make the puppy easily maneuverable. Even though they don't turn, don't let that fool you. It is so light, it just kind of turns on its own whichever way you pull the string. It rides well on all surfaces we tried it on - laminate, carpet, and tile. The string is a little on the short side, but that is probably for safety. It is sufficient, but my baby holds her arm up high when she pulls the puppy, thus it seems like it isn't long enough. It actually looks really funny the way she carries it, as if it is a dirty sock! It would be nice if the plush toy could somehow be separated from the wheels for washing if it gets dirty, velcro would probably work. We didn't have to clean it yet, but I imagine spot cleaning works well.

At $18.95 the Rich Frog Classic Puppy Pull Toy is actually priced a lot more affordably than other classic pull toys I have seen on the market that range from $30 and as high as $60. The best thing, it requires no batteries - just your child's never ending energy and imagination!


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