Saturday, January 9, 2010

OIKOS Organic Greek Yogurt Review

Honestly, I could use some fat, but when I had a spoonful of OIKOS that did not matter. I have never tried Greek yogurt before this, and I was very pleasantly surprised! The creamy richness is unlike anything I have ever tasted. I am hooked!

If you have never had Greek yogurt, you simply must try it! This is especially great for those who like the richness of whole milk yogurt but don't want all the fat to go with it. Great for dieting, as a pre or post exercise snack, on-the-go snack, road trip munchie, light lunch, or just as a delicious guilt free dessert. I can't even begin to describe what it tastes like, it is something you have to taste for yourself. I am a huge fan of the honey flavor with real honey on the bottom. It is perfect in every way - except for how quickly I devour it!

I had one individually sized 5.3 oz cup of Honey OIKOS (compliments of Stonyfield), it runs about $1.25 depending on where you buy it. I was immediately eager to know if they sell pint size packages! I found out they do, though I can't find it at my grocery store. The pint size only comes in plain or vanilla. The other flavors of OIKOS available are plain, vanilla, blueberry and strawberry. Can't wait to try them all! Bon apetit!

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  1. Ooh, we just bought this exact same yogurt the other day too. I had been hearing a bunch about how greek yogurt has more protein and stuff, so we wanted to try it out. It wasn't anything special, tasted the same as regular yogurt, but it doesn't mean I didn't like it. I did like the creamy texture though. and loved that it was organic and healthy :)


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