Tuesday, December 8, 2009

LuShae Jewelry Review

I know what you are thinking. "EcoMama reviewing jewelry?" Yeah, that was my thought when I came across this online boutique: "Will people think I am out of my mind?" Well, maybe my sad story will stir up some sympathy.

Exactly four years ago this December, my now husband proposed to me. The ring was beautiful! A half carat near colorless diamond in a trellis setting. I had the pleasure of wearing it for over a year. Then we went on a ski trip and I still wonder why the zippers on ski jacket pockets zip down to close. Every other jacket I know zips up! Yes, I lost that engagement ring and my husbands wedding band. That was the first incident that surprised me with just how calm my husband can be in similar situations. I was devastated! He was upset, but not emotional like me. It wasn't insured. We laugh about it now. For a while I dreamed of replacing it, and then I saw Blood Diamond. That kind of killed my selfish desire. I did toy with the idea of a lab grown diamond or one from Canada (crazy expensive). Then with the birth of a baby financial priorities changed and I gave up on the thought all together.

But every girl likes some sparkle, right? Who says the sparkle needs to cost thousands of dollars? Not to mention not knowing where it came from. A diamond may be 'forever', but we don't live forever on this earth anyway. LuShae Jewelry offers very affordable trinkets with a great sparkle factor to wow anyone on your gift list. Everything from rings to earrings and pendants.

LuShae Jewelry sent us a Cinderella Promise Ring for review. This beautiful ring has a White Gold Rhodium Bond setting and a total of 3.5 carats of Cubic Zirconia. Of course if you have an eye for diamonds you'll be able to tell it is not a real diamond. Though the beautiful setting makes it harder to tell the difference! At $64 you can't go wrong on value. It is lead free and comes in sizes 5 through 10. I don't recommend this particular style for skinny fingers, but there are many other to choose from. I got the size 5 and it looks pretty giant on my finger. Like a $6,000 diamond ring :) Check out the photos of the ring modeling for my camera.

Their rings average at about $68 and about the same for pendants and earrings. Be sure to check out the website. Maybe you can cross something else off the gift list! Oh, and best of all, free returns and exchanges.

Disclaimer: I did not receive payment for this review. I did receive a sample of the product or service for testing and review purposes. This will in no way sway my opinion of the product or service. The review is in my own words and is my own opinion. Your results and opinion may differ.


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