Monday, September 14, 2009

Mother-Ease Review

Small Sandy's on a 16.5 pound baby girl

Mother-ease are what I would call 'economy class' cloth diapers. They are not that fancy but they get the job done and will save you some money. I tested both the AIO (All-in-one) and the Sandy's with an Airflow Cover on my 16.5 pound daughter. Here is what we think and how they work!

The AIO has a good fit overall, it isn't that bulky (granted you are using the right size). The Sandy's diaper has a perfect fit and looks adorable, but the Airflow Cover looked like a puffed up bag, probably because we just had it in a size too big. She will probably grow out of the Sandy's in a couple of months before she grows out of the cover. Of course your fit will depend on the baby and what size you are using, but in regards to the tailoring, it is well designed for the shape of a baby. Although the diaper is not contoured at the leg openings, that doesn't seem to be an issue with the fit.

PERFORMANCE: The performance was satisfactory. We had no leaks with both the AIO and the Sandy's with cover. The only issue we had was some light rash because the cotton material stays wet and touches the skin. They do carry a diaper that has a 'stay dry' polyester lining, but we haven't tried that. If I had to choose to buy some I would probably go with the One-Size Dry diaper due to her being prone to rashes. Other than that it works great, better than a disposable in my opinion. We haven't tried it overnight, she is a heavy wetter and I went with a different diaper that convenietly holds a doubler for night time instead and has a fleece lining to prevent a rash.

EASE OF USE: The snaps are fairly easy to fasten and straight forward on both diapers. They are also sewn in so strongly you couldn't rip it out if you wanted to. The AIO is extremely easy to use, pretty much like a disposable. The Sandy's does require an extra step with a separate cover, but it isn't terribly hard or time consuming. Laundering is likewise a piece of cake and I was surprised the cotton does not stain. In my experience that is unusual for cotton. The cover does not need to be laundered every time, only when it gets soiled or smelly. That is quite convenient as you can just carry a few Sandy's in a diaper bag and just one extra cover.

Pictured below are the side snaps on Sandy's.

VALUE: Overall you will save with Mother-ease, or any cloth diaper, if you ditch disposable diapers. Your savings depend on what you choose. They have both the One-Size and a sized diaper. So if you go with One-Size you will only need one set in the life of the child. If you choose the sized diaper of course you will need several sets. The amount of water used to launder cloth diapers is about the same as an adult using the toilet. That is approximately 70 gallons every three days. I actually use less because I cloth diaper full time with just 9 diapers and I do a really small load every morning.

The AIO that I tested cost $15.95 to $17.95 depending on which size you need. The Sandy's comes in two sizes and is $11.75 for small and $12.25 for large. You don't need a cover for every Sandy's you buy, but each Airflow cover is $12.25. So the cost is comparable to other cloth diapers, but it can be cheaper depending on your specific choices.

EcoMama Green Factor: +4 Mother-ease diapers are made of cotton, and you can choose organic. The ones I tried were just conventional cotton though. The colored ones are also dyed with low-impact dyes.

Below, AIO diaper and AIO fully open.


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