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Fuzzi Bunz Review: Performance and cuteness to boot!

Our five Fuzzi Bunz above, 3 on the left are Perfect Size Medium, 2 on the right are One Size.

Cloth diapering works even for lazy moms. Alright ....... so maybe not lazy, but very busy moms. I never gave cloth diapering a try because I thought I would not have the time for it (well, I'll admit I am a little lazy too). The convenience of disposables was also alluring. My daughter's recurring diaper rash was getting to me though, and using Seventh Generation diapers didn't help. I stocked up on Burt's Bees Baby Bee ointment that seemed to work best. It never completely cleared though. Well, needless to say, I'll have to sell my diaper rash ointment stash thanks to Fuzzi Bunz!

My first thought when I took them out of the package: "Whoa, these are way to cute to let her soil them!" My first thought when taking off the first dirty diaper: "So why didn't I cloth diaper in the first place?!" Although I knew modern cloth diapers were a lot of more convenient and better performing than old fashioned prefolds, I didn't anticipate it to be this easy. My mother sure wishes she had these around when I was a baby!

We tried both the One Size and the Perfect Size diapers. The only real difference between them is the fit, and some financial nuances. Here is what our experience with them was. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect cloth diaper because every baby is different, you will need to find out what works best for you. This review is based on Fuzzi Bunz performance on a 16.5 pound baby girl who is a bit on the tall side for her weight.

FIT: The fit of the diaper is extremely important. It is also part of the reason why a cloth diaper might work for one baby but not for another. On my baby I found that the One Size fits great and still has some room to grow. I also have the Medium Perfect Size which is still a little big for her, but we will grow into it. At the moment the One Size fits a little trimmer. It is extremely adjustable too, with not just the snaps but with the elastic that can be made smaller or bigger. It truly is a One Size that would even be alright on a newborn. The only issue that I speculate one might run into into with this one is the rise being to small on a taller child over 25 pounds. That is why there is the option of the Perfect Size Medium for bigger babies. I am very satisfied with how the diaper sits on the baby and the custom fit.

Above, sporting her perfectly fitting One Size.

Below, Perfect Fit Medium on 16.5 pounds baby.

This one caught me by surprise! I did not anticipate cloth diapers to perform this well. She has no rash whatsoever with these Fuzzi Bunz, none! I did not use any cream as the directions state you shouldn't, and that made me curious as to how her bum will do in a wet diaper without any diaper rash cream. To my astonishment, even though the soaker in the diaper was drenched wet, her cute little bum and the fabric next to it were dry! That is what made me ponder why I haven't tried this earlier and spared her the 6 months of diaper rash. After all, what is more important, how convenient it is for me to clean up the messes or her health and comfort? I think it is the latter. Frankly I am ashamed that I called myself an Eco mom without ever giving cloth diapering a try! Forgive me my dear readers :) Oh, and I have to mention, no leaks! I would get leaks occasionally with disposables, but with these I only got a leak when I used a different brand doubler at night time that was cotton and really thin. Thus it did not absorb as well as the Fuzzi Bunz doubler. Otherwise, when used as directed I had zero leaks, not even at night time. So Fuzzi Bunz gets a gold star for performance for both the One Size and Perfect Size.

EASE OF USE: Again, better than expected. The Fuzzi Bunz outer cover comes with a pocket for the soaker/liner that you simply place inside. That's it! That is all the assembly required. Putting Fuzzi Bunz on is not as easy as velcro cloth diapers, but I do appreciate not having to deal with pulls and snags in the wash. Wearing them, well, she makes it look enjoyable and I actually think she is a happier baby in cloth (maybe that is my imagination). Taking them of is a snap (literally). Then the washing process involves a few simple steps. You take the liner out of the cover pocket. If the diaper is soiled I rinse it off in cold water and put a little bit of my preferred detergent (non-toxic, no chemicals, leaves no residue) on it, rub lightly and leave in until the wash. If it is just a wet diaper no need to do anything. I wash them every morning since I only have a few and I found it works great for us. I throw them in for a cold water rinse and then run a hot or warm wash with about an 8th of a cup of detergent (that's only for 5 diapers, 6 liners). They come out clean and looking almost like new! Although at first I was wary of them being 100% polyester, I realized how easy they are to care for because of that.

VALUE: As with any cloth diapers, you will save anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars in the life of your baby over disposables. Even when you factor in the water and energy used to wash them, you'll still come out a winner. It appears to be a no-brainer for me now that we actually tried them. Just the fact that she has no rash had me sold.

This is where there is a bit of a price difference for One Size ($17.95) and Perfect Size ($18.95) Fuzzi Bunz. Yes, it is just a buck really, and depending on where you buy them maybe even no price difference at all. But the One Size will last you from birth to potty training whereas the Perfect Size you will need in both small (0-6 mo) and medium (6-36 mo). My preference is the One Size just because it fits her right, she is not overly chubby, and I can use them for the next baby with no problems. Also I don't anticipate that she would grow out of it before being potty trained because she already goes on the potty (that's right, at seven months). As a bonus, the One Size comes with a two soakers, which is what I use at night time.

EcoMama Green Factor: +4 Keep gazillions of diapers from going in the land fill. Yes, you'll use some water and energy, but not nearly as much as they use to make disposables. Not organic cotton or anything, but the performance of microfleece makes up for it.

Above is the green Medium Perfect Size next to a yellow One Size (notice it three snaps instead of just two, makes for more adjust-ability).

Below is the yellow One Size, notice the button with elastic showing, it is adjustable to 3 different settings. The three elastics adjust at both legs and the waist.

Above is the green Medium Perfect Size, notice there are only two snaps and no adjustable elastic, this one is for babies 6-36 months (15-35 pounds).

Below is the same diaper showing the pocket and insert in the back, same for Perfect Size and One Size.

Above is the One Size diaper fully open with adjustable elastics at legs and waist.

Below is the Perfect Size fully open, adjustable with snaps but not elastic.


I did not receive payment in any form for this review.

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