Sunday, December 7, 2008

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Thank you for your interest in contacting Eco-Babyz!
To reach your target audience immediately, consider placing an ad on Eco-Babyz. Please contact us  for rates.
Products featured on the site are either products we have discovered on our own (purchased), products that have been pitched to us and undergone the review screening and submission process (contact for more info), or products that we are giving away under transparent descriptions such as EcoStore USA Giveaway or Boba Carrier Giveaway. 
We do not charge anything for hosting giveaways; we do them just for fun. We do however request a sample of the product because we want to know exactly what is being given away to our readers. Every product sent in for review has the option of a giveaway as well.
Eco-Babyz keeps all products sent in for review.  Only full size samples are accepted.
Please contact Anastasia to request an interview. She loves talking about all things blogging, parenting, green living, and Interior Design.

You can also reach us at anastasia at eco-babyz dot com

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