Friday, November 26, 2010

Tiny Prints Holiday Cards Review

It's that time of the year again, get moving on the Christmas cards if you haven't already! Though we do not officially celebrate Christmas, we do like to send out cards to our friends and relatives in far away places around the time of the holidays. We have used various printing services before, usually the ones on the cheap side. This time thanks to Tiny Prints we made premium cards that are just a cut above and so gorgeous. Not to say they aren't affordable, but they do cost a little more than we would usually spend. Did I mention they are gorgeous?

Ease of use & Our Experience: The Tiny Prints website is very easy to navigate. Though the design choices seem endless, I found that I wasn't overwhelmed because of the site layout. There is a handy little tool where you can add all the card designs that appeal to you and then compare them. The only thing I wish was different about that feature is that I would like to see the prices when I click on Compare Designs. So after I narrowed it down and picked a design with my husband, I played around with the few good photos we have. Even if you've never ordered cards online, I assure you Tiny Prints makes it seem like a piece of cake - and it is!

Once I finalized the card I placed the order. Later I received a digital proof and even a phone call from the company informing me that the digital proof is ready and that they will try to accommodate my unusual request (I felt that the logo was really competing with the photo on the back of our card). A few days later the cards arrived looking absolutely perfect. Except maybe the quality was above what I expected!

Sorry, I'm not sharing our card image yet, I don't want my friends and relatives to see it now! I'll add it to the review after all the cards get sent out :) But here are a few of my favorites from the selection:

Quality & Value: Now at first I was a bit taken aback by the prices. If you compare them to other premium cards on the web though, they are a lot cheaper! You get a better price if you order more, like 300+ cards. Most of us probably wouldn't need that many, hence a bit of a higher price tag. Of course for businesses that send out large quantities of holiday cards to their patrons this is a great deal. So if you're only ordering 30-50 cards, you're looking at a price range of $0.94 per basic card or upwards of $3.00 for a photo montage premium card. There are plenty of choices in the $1 to $2 range.

So what kind of quality are you getting for the price? Well, let's say this isn't printed on cheap glossy photo paper to start with. The card is a really nice, sturdy cardstock - not too thin, not to thick. The photographic quality is sharp, clear, and vivid. Somehow this material feels a little more personal, can't quite grasp why. Perhaps because you would not pen a letter on glossy photo paper. What else does the price buy? A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - that's right, if you are not satisfied with your order it will be reprinted for free!

How is this green: Tiny Prints is a Bay Area Certified Green Business. They print on Eco-friendly cardstock with premium printing methods.

About the Company: "What was started by three friends with big dreams and a passion for beautiful paper has grown from a tiny, self-funded company specializing in unique baby stationery into a booming online retailer of stylish designs for every occasion that is recognized around the globe for our commitment to customer service and our insistence that personal attention be paid to every order."

Who Would You Recommend this to? Anyone looking for exceptional service and high quality invitations, holiday cards, stationary, announcements, and greeting cards.

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